Monday, October 10, 2011

Feel the Earth.

I posted this as a tweet on Twitter tonight, & thought I'd elaborate on it here 2 further explain it.

Thought 4 the evening: look at the stars. Realize that u are not really looking "up", but out: u are actually on the side of this huge beautiful planet looking out with the entire universe directly in front of u. & it goes on & on & on... eternally.

& consider this: as u realize the above, realize that this wonderful Earth u are standing on the side of at this very moment is turning under your feet as it glides majestically on its orbit around the sun. U are being held on only by the wonder of gravity. The hills, cities, mountains, beaches, buildings around u are scraping the sky, the cosmos, as the Earth turns on its magnificent journey through space.

Isn't that amazing? Seriously, isn't that something just so beautiful & miraculous that it's wonderful just 2 think about it?

& all of this is right here all around u just 4 u 2 enjoy. ;)

Think about it.

Appreciate it.

Share it with someone u love.